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Please meet pseuderanthemum reticulatum 'El Dorado', it does not have a common name per say but nontheless this one-of-a-kind plant is my new favorite and hopefully soon to be your fav too!   This is an absolutely gorgeous tropical shrub!  The new leaf growth is a vibrant neon chartruse color with wild veining in the leaf.  The older leaves become more of a solid jade green while the flowers are a bright white with magenta center accent.  You can see how the colors of 'El Dorado' are a beautiful contrast to the deep purple oyster plant in one of our landscapes pictured above.  It grows to be about 5-7 ft high and 3-4 ft wide.  It has a top-heavy growth habit and flowers from the new growth at the tops of the plant.  And because of the top-heavy flower and leaf growth, it can be blown sideways in heavy winds.   This plant is originally from the Pacific Island areas of Polynesia and Melanesia and has since naturalized itself on the Hawaiian Islands so you know it's a hardy plant.  Likes warm weather, grows in full sun to part shade.  'El Dorado' can be used for a privacy hedge, an accent plant or even as a container plant.


Currently our pseuderanthemum reticulatum 'El Dorado's are sold in a 3-gallon pot and are about 1-1/2 ft to 2ft high x 1-1/2 ft wide.   Grows in zones 7-11; mild cold hardy but not frost hardy.  Here in South Florida it really shows signs of stress when we get temperatures between 30's-40's even for a short time.


Because it is a living plant we expedite shipping to make sure the plant arrives healthy and alive.   Please read the section about our plants on our FAQs page for more information.

Tropical Collection - pseuderanthemum 'El Dorado'

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