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Raw not polished or treated, these genuine Baltic amber beaded necklaces are a wonderful homeopathic way to help your infant through the teething phase.  Plus they make beautiful jewelry.  These necklaces are made in Lithuania from a high quality amber in a rounded form known as a Baroque shape.  Every bead is individually knotted.  These necklaces are not designed for chewing them with teeth. Parent supervision is recommended at all times when a baby and/or child wears a necklace.


Baltic amber is a naturally occurring mineral used in jewelry since ancient times. Not a stone therefore warm to the touch, comfortable and light to wear. Generally found in a yellow to yellow brown color and translucent, looks like a pretty gem when polished.  Known to collect insects or leaves in its sticky clutches, preserving them in visually perfect for thousands of years. Amber is a valued object among collectors, artists and jewelers alike.  While amber may come from many places in the world, it is usually associated with Lithuania.

Classic Collection - raw amber teething necklaces

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