Amydrium zippelianum is a great aroid for the advanced to enthusiast collector.  I definitely struggled with it at first until I said "you're on your own kiddo, either survive or die it's up to you."  And when I stopped messing with it, would you know, it did great.  So much so, that it's now starting to take over sections in my podocarpus tree where I have lovely orchids mounted.  It gets blasted with South Florida coastal wind, salty air and super bright light through the canopy of the tree.  Sometimes it gets direct sun and handles all the harsh SoFla environmental conditons like Lebron James. 


Like all aroids, Amydrium zippelianum grows in warm high humidity, moist soil and bright light.  We currently have them growing in part sun/part shade as understory plants under mango trees.  They do get a couple hours of direct South Florida sun in the afternoon with no burn on their leaf.  They will need some sort of structure to grow on as they get larger since in their indigenous environment you would see them either sprawling on the forest floor or clambering up a tree or palm trunk in islands like the Philippines, Thailand, West Maylesia and Papu New Guinea.   Amydrium zippelianum are amazing climbers and can attach themselves to grow on a wall and tree/palm trunk for a spectacular display.  They can also grow along the ground if growing in the landscape looking for something to cling to.


Our Amydrium zippelianum  is sold in a 6-inch pot with lots of trailing growth.  The picure of  amydrium zippelianum growing in the tree is the mother plant for example only.  The second picture is of the aroids in the 4-in pots.   Because it is a living plant we expedite shipping to make sure the plant arrives healthy and alive.   Please read the section about our plants on our FAQs page for more information.

Jungle Collection- Amydrium zippelianum