Philodendron 'Florida green' is a super cool easy to grow philodendron with beautiful dark green to jade green leaves that kind of look like a hand or an oak leaf or even like the elusive philodendron joepii, ooooohhhweee.    Philodendron 'Florida green' is a hybrid crossed from the species P. Squamiferum and P. Pedatum.  It's a great philodendron not only for a beginner but even avid collectors have this one in their collections.   Though it does have more of a trailing, clambering, vining type growing habit so you could grow it in a multitude of ways to suit your growing conditions.  You could even grow it in a hanging basket since they are vigorous growers!  Though this philodendron as it's name implies is green through and through, not to be confused with either the P. 'Florida beauty' or the P. 'Florida ghost' which have either a variegated leaf or the leaf starts out white-ish turning to green.


Like all aroids, P. Florida green grows in warm high humidity, moist soil and bright light.  We currently have them growing in part sun/part shade as understory plants under palm canopy.  They do get a couple hours of direct South Florida sun in the afternoon with no burn on their leaf.  They will usually need some sort of structure to grow on as they get larger since in their indigenous environment you would see them either sprawling on the forest floor or clambering up a tree or palm trunk in South America.   Philodendrons are great climbers and can attach themselves to grow on a wall and tree/palm trunk for a spectacular display.  They can also grow along the ground if growing in the landscape looking for something to cling to.


Though be aware for all you pet owners and parents to check whether any plant has poisonous elements to it before introducing it as a house plant. The philodendron family is considered poisonous if parts of the actual plant are ingested.  Here is a link for your concerns on the symptoms and treatment for philodendrons because we are animal lovers and parents as well.


Our philodendron 'Florida green' are huge in their 6-inch pot with big leaves and are about 20-24 inches long depending on where you measure.  They are trailing out of their pots.  Because it is a living plant we expedite shipping to make sure the plant arrives healthy and alive.   Please read the section about our plants on our FAQs page for more information.

Jungle Collection- philodendron 'Florida green'