What can I say, this unique and extremely hard to find begonia 'Dr. Birdsey' is much like the botonist whom it is named after, Dr. Monroe Birdsey.  This begonia is a stunning primsacolor begonia that displays it's intensity when it catches the bright south Florida sunlight illuminating the leaves like it was electrified.  Dr. Monroe Birdsey taught botany at Miami-Dade Community College, whether you loved him or not so much, he certainly was an expert in the field.  This gorgeous begonia grows compactly yet is one of a few that grows outward by branching.  Begonia's in general require moist soil and filtered or bright light to thrive.  There are only three nurseries left (including Twisted Trunk) growing this begonia and one is closing it's doors in October of 2020.  So when I say rare and hard to get, it's da' truth!  So get these while you can because there may be a time, like the late Dr. Monroe Birdsey, where these gorgeous begonias won't be around to enjoy.  


Currently we have begonia 'Dr. Birdsey' in a 2-gallon and in 3-gallon pots and both are super nice and full; the 2-gallon is currently around 14 inches high and the 3-gallon is about 16-18 inches high.  Grows outdoors in zone 9-11; not frost hardy.   


Because it is a living plant we expedite shipping to make sure the plant arrives healthy and alive.   Please read the section about our plants on our FAQs page for more information.


Though be aware for all you pet owners and parents to check whether any plant has poisonous elements to it before introducing it as a house plant because we are animal lovers and parents as well. 

Tropical Collection- begonia 'Dr. Birdsey'


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