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This is another lovely orchid is one of the easier orchids to grow, especially here in South Florida where weather is hot and humid.  It is a Brassolaeliocattlyea (or Blc. for short) and it's full name is Blc. Solar Flare 'Paradise' aptly named it looks like south Florida sunshine!  This orchid is a perfect addition to your collection!  Sold in a 6-inch pot and as you can see already blooming.  Blc. Solar Flare 'Paradise' flowers are white with light yellow accents striping the petals.  The flowers have a yummy sweet scent. Such a fun looking orchid, I can't help but smile when I look at it!


Depending on the time of year and/or weather conditions, live plants are shipped either overnight, two-day or three-day.  We ship orchids at the beginning of the week to ensure they arrive swiftly and safely during the work week.


We guarantee that you receive a healthy plant, packed carefully and securely for the best possible arrival. Though once they leave us, we cannot guarantee if the orchid has flowers, buds and/or spikes on it at the time of shipping, that they may still be attached, as they can sometime break in transit.  All of our plants are grown outdoors and may have some normal weathering and imperfections as can be the case with outdoor growing environments.  If your orchid needs to be free of imperfections and/or is a gift please let us know prior to your order.  We will include a grow sheet of the type of orchid you have purchased to help you along in your care for it.  Though please note no two growing conditions are the same but we will be happy to help with some pointers if you are in need. If you have any concerns and/or questions please contact us prior to your order so we can assist you in your orchid adventure!

Aloha Collection - Blc. Solar Flare 'Paradise'

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