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Philodendron 'ring of fire' is another philodendron with super cool leaves that has undulating edges which look like alligator teeth.   This philo. is super hot right now...yeah it's like 96 degrees in the shade around here so it's hot, lol.  But seriously it is a very hot philodendron to have on a 'wish list' and not many people have them available for sale, especially as nice as ours.   Lucky for you, we are growing these beauties and have a select handful ready to sell.   Their leaf color is mottled green, yellow and white vareigation BUT add that striking reddish/orange/pinkish glaze on top of it and you have 'ring of fire'!  Stunning! There is nothing not to like about this philodendron, especially that it can grow in brighter light than most variegated plants and super easy to grow.  Ours get about a couple of hours of full sun in the morning.  If you like philodendron 'caramel marble' but can't afford the outrageous price people are charging for them, then 'ring of fire' is for you!


Like all aroids, 'ring of fire' grows in warm high humidity, moist soil and bright light.  We currently have them growing in part sun/part shade as understory plants under palm canopy.  They will usually need some sort of structure to grow on as they get larger since they either want to spraw on the ground or clambering up a tree or palm trunk.   Philodendrons are great climbers and can attach themselves to grow on a wall and tree/palm trunk for a spectacular display.  They can also grow along the ground if growing in the landscape looking for something to cling to.


Though be aware for all you pet owners and parents to check whether any plant has poisonous elements to it before introducing it as a house plant. The philodendron family is considered poisonous if parts of the actual plant are ingested.  Here is a link for your concerns on the symptoms and treatment for philodendrons because we are animal lovers and parents as well.


Our philodendron 'ring of fire' are sold in a 6-inch pot and as you can see in the pictures, they are fairly mature so you can their leaves have started to take their alligator tooth shape & unique color.  They are about 12-14 inches high.  Because it is a living plant we expedite shipping to make sure the plant arrives healthy and alive.   Please read the section about our plants on our FAQs page for more information.

Jungle Collection- philodendron 'ring of fire'

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