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Philodendron 'Weeks red hybrid' is a very unique and rare philodendron in most tropical garden lovers and aroid addicts "must have" wish list.   Look no further, we are growing these beauties in our nursery and they are absolutely freaking gorgeous and full in a 7-gallon pot.  Our philodendron 'Weeks red hybrid's are approx. 4-5 feet high x 4 ft wide in a 7-gallon.  I'm mean seriously huge for the container size!!!  Ron Weeks, an incredible grower, a Miami native and one of the nicest people you'd ever meet, is whom this philodendron is named after.  The new leaves are born a strawberry color with heavy reddish pink mottling in the leaves.  As the hastate shape leaves age they also grow in size and change color from the starwberry pinkish/red to a yellow/lemon-lime color with green mottling.  Then they become a more deep solid emerald green with a light red mottling in the stems.  The 'weeks red hybrid' philodendron grows to be about 5-6 ft high maybe larger if happy and can get fairly wide as it continues to grow along a main central lead producing roots along the way.  Philodendrons are great climbers and can attach themselves to grow on a wall and tree/palm trunk for a spectacular display.  


Though be aware for all you pet owners and parents to check whether any plant has poisonous elements to it before introducing it as a house plant. The philodendron family is considered poisonous if parts of the actual plant are ingested.  Here is a link for your concerns on the symptoms and treatment for philodendrons because we are animal lovers and parents as well.


 Because it is a living plant we expedite shipping to make sure the plant arrives healthy and alive.   Please read the section about our plants on our FAQs page for more information.

Jungle Collection- philodendron 'Weeks red hybrid'

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