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Black pagoda plant (Aeschynanthus longicaulis) or lipstick plant is one of the many plants with absolutely gorgeous reptilian looking foliage.  This is really beautiful as a unique hanging basket or cascading over the sides of a pretty glazed planter or even on a shelf as a house plant.  The black pagoda plant can grow in a variety of light and isn't too picky one way or another.  Surprisingly it can get short periods of full sun, likes the understory light of trees and/or bright indirect light.  The leaves put on an incredible light show like calathea leaves do when the light source is shining through them, like a stained glass window.  They can survive like a champ if you forget to water though like many non-aquatic plants doesn't like to stay super wet for long periods of time.  It produces a set of either bright orange or green tubular flowers at the ends of the branches.  Very little leaf drop, if any and no known pest issues...a perfect plant in everyway!    


The black pagoda is a tropical plant native to Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.  Grows mainly in the warmer temperatures 70-90 degrees fahrenheit, though ours didn't even brown when we dropped in the 40's for a couple of days, a few times in winter.  Our black pagoda plants are super full in an 1-gallon pot.  They grow longer than high which is why they are perfect for hanging baskets; approx. 2-3ft long x 6-18 inches high (from soil) x 2ft wide


Because it is a living plant we expedite shipping to make sure the plant arrives healthy and alive. Please read the section about our plants on our FAQs page for more information.

Tropical Collection - Black pagoda plant

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