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There are many striking looking plants in our world but the family of medinilla's are truly super cool!  There are hundreds of varieties of medinilla's though there are really only a handful in cultivation.   We have medinilla myriantha available, commonly known as the Malaysian orchid.  This variety has medium size leaves with huge clusters of bubblegum pink blooms which look like bright pink grapes that last for months.  Talk about magical!  To me, this variety is one of the easiest and least pain in the tushy to grow.  It out performs so many of the other varieties which can be very diva in my opinion and who has time for diva drama, am I right!?!  This beauty grows "bushy" and full but only about 2-4 feet high.  Here in south Florida it needs the right environment for it to thrive in the ground so it ususlly works best in container planting where the placement and soil moisture can be better controlled.  They do not like to be dry, like not at don't even think about skipping a day of watering.  Medinilla's will let you know right away.  Medinilla's are epiphytic in nature so make sure you use a well drained potting soil and keep well watered.  Prefers bright indirect light, shade or a covered patio setting. When they are happy, gosh they are happy and you will be too!


Our medinilla myriantha are sold in a 3-gallon container, full and about 2-3 feet high.

Because it is a living plant we expedite shipping to make sure the plant arrives healthy and alive.  Please read the section about our plants on our FAQs page for more information.

Tropical Collection - Malaysian orchid medinilla

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