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Oh my gosh, who wouldn't want a carnivorous plant?   Rhetorical question so no answer needed, hee hee, but seriously how cool right!?!  Though all kidding aside carnivorous plants are highly specialized and need an environment to match their specific nutritional requirements.  My word of advice to try to recreate their natural environment as best you can.  So if you can keep them outdoors where they can get all the insects, natural water (no tap or hose water) and bright light they need to survive, all the better.  If not then try creating a terrarium for them.  There are over one hundred different species of pitcher plants ranging from mountainous terrain to tropical rainforests though our are all lowland or tropical species.


These carnivorous plants are called nepenthes pitcher plants and eventhough they are of the hanging or vining variety of pitcher plants, you can grow them on the ground to let them ramble along and let the bugs climb in.  If your climate is warm/wet/humid enough you can hang or mount them in your trees.  They thrive in bright light and can take a small amount of full sun as it's passing through the tree canopy.  These variety of pitcher plants do not like deep shade.  If you are familiar with growing orchids whether in a greenhouse or outdoors then you will do fine as they require similar growing conditions.  If your pitcher plant is in need of watering due to lack of rain, you can use distilled or purified water, just do not let them dry out.  The pitchers will live for an extended period of time then gradually dry up.  When they have completely died you can cut them off if you prefer.  Please know that most carnivorous plants require water that is either filtered or spring water, just no tap water due to the unknown minerals/chemicals that your local municipality may treat the tap water with.


Our nepenthes pitcher plants are currently in a 6-inch hanging pot; beautiful, verdant and super duper full.   


Some of the water in the pitcher's may dry out or spill out in shipping so you will need to be prepared to have filtered water to water the plant upon receiving it.  Because it is a living plant we expedite shipping to make sure the plant arrives healthy and alive. Please read the section about our plants on our FAQs page for more information.

Tropical Collection- nepenthes pitcher plant

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